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Online Education Division's Yolanda Matthews and James Whalley

Groundbreaking E-Learning Initiatives at South Korea’s University of Suwon

The University of Suwon International College’s groundbreaking e-learning initiatives are changing the course of how students and faculty engage in the classroom. Offering original content like “Zombie Film Studies,” and Blackboard’s advanced education tools, innovative educators are introducing a new style of learning into a culture rooted in the traditional classroom model. […]

Away with words: Registration

“Away With Words” for Suwon ESL Radio is a student driven radio show with professors from the English Language Division, as well as special guest students providing the English voices each week. Each show follows that week’s lesson from the freshman Listening & Speaking book. We show how native speakers […]

“Kind, Passionate, and Driven”

Shane Doyle graduated from Maynooth University in Ireland after double majoring in history and geography in 2005. He followed up his undergraduate studies with an MA in Geography, and a Postgraduate Diploma in Education, shortly before making his way to South Korea to pursue a career in higher education. Doyle, […]

March birthdays!

Congratulations to our professors celebrating their birthdays this month!

수원대학교 국제대학 영어와 중국어 말하기 대회

수원대학교 국제대학 제1기 “Dreams for the Future” 영어 말하기 대회 1. 신청자격: 수원대학교 모든 재학생 2. 일 시:2016년12월14일 10:00am-11:30am 3. 장 소:종합강의동 407호 4. 주 제:Dreams for the Future 5. 강연 시간:3분 이내 6. 상금 및 증서: (1)1등 1명,25만원 상품권 (2)2등 2명,각 10만원 상품권 (3)3등,3명,각 5만원 상품권 (4)모든 참가자에게 증서 […]

IAK Video Competition 2016

Visions of Ireland Video Competition 2016 동영상 공모전

한 번 갔다오면 그 매력에 푹 빠져 헤어나오지 못한다는 유럽의 숨은 보석, 아일랜드 아름다운 자연경관으로 여행은 물론 한국인이 적은 영어권 국가로서 요즘 학생 + 워홀러들에게 인기만점인 나라! 그런 아일랜드에서 “무료”로 2주간 어학연수를 할 수 있는 기회가 주어진다면? (왕복 항공권, 홈스테이, 용돈 이 모든 게 무료!) Visions of Ireland 동영상 공모전 […]

University of Suwon and Chinese Culture Association sign a cooperative agreement

Chinese teachers, western teachers, and students from the International College at The University of Suwon went to The Chinese/Korean Cultural Center in Seoul to witness a momentous occasion for the newly formed college. The president of The University of Suwon, Lee In Soo, signed a formal agreement with the Chinese […]