IAK Video Competition 2016

Visions of Ireland Video Competition 2016 동영상 공모전

IAK Video Competition 2016

한 번 갔다오면 그 매력에 푹 빠져 헤어나오지 못한다는 유럽의 숨은 보석, 아일랜드
아름다운 자연경관으로 여행은 물론 한국인이 적은 영어권 국가로서 요즘 학생 + 워홀러들에게 인기만점인 나라!
그런 아일랜드에서 “무료”로 2주간 어학연수를 할 수 있는 기회가 주어진다면? (왕복 항공권, 홈스테이, 용돈 이 모든 게 무료!)

Visions of Ireland 동영상 공모전 참가 방법:
  1. 첫째,“내가 꿈꾸는 아일랜드(Visions of Ireland)” 라는 주제에 맞게 재미있고 창의적인 동영상을 3분 내외로 만든다.
  2. 둘째, 만든 동영상을 유튜브 웹사이트(http://www.youtube.com/)에 올린다.
  3. 셋째, 한국아일랜드협회 홈페이지에서 신청서를 다운받아 작성 후 irishassociationkorea@gmail.com 메일로 신청서를 보낸다.

▶접수마감: 2016년 12월 4일 일요일 18시까지
▶자세한 내용은 한국아일랜드협회 홈페이지(http://www.irishassociationofkorea.kr/)를 참고하세요.

If you are interested in participating in an English-speaking video competition to win the chance to go and study English in Ireland. Take a look at the information below.

First prize will include two weeks of study in the Emerald Cultural Institute (http://www.eci.ie), including accommodation, return flights from Korea to Dublin, and spending money. Second prize will receive return flights from Korea to Dublin. The final runner up will receive a cultural prize.

The Embassy of Ireland and The Irish Association of Korea are very proud to announce the launch of the 2016 Visions of Ireland Video Competition for university students in Korea.

  1. First, make a video of no longer than 3 minutes. (Videos can be made using phones, digital camera or any digital device)
  2. Second, upload on http://www.youtube.com/
  3. Third, fill out the application form available here on the Irish Association of Korea website (http://www.irishassociationofkorea.kr/) and send it to irishassociationkorea@gmail.com

▶Application Deadline: December 4th, 2016, 18:00
▶For more information, please visit our website (http://www.irishassociationofkorea.kr/).

* If your lecturer/professor introduced you to the competition please nominate them on your application form. The Grand prize winner’s professor/lecturer will win two tickets to a reception hosted by the Ambassador of Ireland, and his/her University will receive a donation of Irish literature from the Embassy of Ireland.