“Kind, Passionate, and Driven”

Shane Doyle graduated from Maynooth University in Ireland after double majoring in history and geography in 2005. He followed up his undergraduate studies with an MA in Geography, and a Postgraduate Diploma in Education, shortly before making his way to South Korea to pursue a career in higher education.

Doyle, now Associate Professor at the International College (IC), has been teaching at the University of Suwon since 2012. He has been described by his colleagues as someone who is “kind, passionate, and driven;” this reflective of his role in helping to develop both academic programming as well as the support he offers to those around him. He was recently awarded by Dean Kim Ok Soon for his contribution towards helping teachers and developing the IC. Doyle says, “seeing both the department and the people in it thrive and grow has been a greatly rewarding experience.” For him every year has been an opportunity to work with a great group of teachers and the chance to hone new skills in areas such as new course creation and online teaching.

Doyle’s time in South Korea has been a fantastic experience for him, from enjoying the culture and warm hospitality of Korea, to participating in International sports and cultural groups including Seoul Gaels, and the Irish Association of Korea.

He enjoys the positive friendly atmosphere here at the International College, and extends a warm welcome to current and future students.