Ben Robinson

Online Education Division's Yolanda Matthews and James Whalley

Groundbreaking E-Learning Initiatives at South Korea’s University of Suwon

The University of Suwon International College’s groundbreaking e-learning initiatives are changing the course of how students and faculty engage in the classroom. Offering original content like “Zombie Film Studies,” and Blackboard’s advanced education tools, innovative educators are introducing a new style of learning into a culture rooted in the traditional classroom model. […]

Away with words: Registration

“Away With Words” for Suwon ESL Radio is a student driven radio show with professors from the English Language Division, as well as special guest students providing the English voices each week. Each show follows that week’s lesson from the freshman Listening & Speaking book. We show how native speakers […]

March birthdays!

Congratulations to our professors celebrating their birthdays this month!