High ESL

High ESL  Autumn 2018
Jonathan Wright International College Office: 경상 309 Email: jonathanw729@gmail.com

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To build students’ fluency and coherence through specific academic speaking activities. ▪ To enable students to use topical vocabulary within the correct context whilst clearly linking their ideas in a logical manner. ▪ To provide guidance on how to add relevant detail to explain or illustrate your answers. ▪ To utilise a range of grammatical structures in discussion. ▪ To foster self-confidence and a positive attitude toward articulating viewpoints in English.
COMPETENCIES Communicative / Personality / Self-directed learning / Global / Creative


All students are expected to fulfill the following requirements for the course: ▪ Attend and participate actively in all general class sessions (see Attendance Policy below). ▪ Complete all required assignments


The course syllabus, supplementary materials, and homework assignments may be accessed at the course website.

Grading Scale:

Attendance 25% Participation 30% Exams/ Projects 20% Homework 25%


If you come to the class in the first hour, you are late. If you come to class in the second hour, you are absent. Late 3 times = 1 absent


If you are absent 4 times, the school policy is that the student receives an F for the class. Absences which are excused with a valid written reason.

✓ Illness – Students must submit confirmation documents = Official hospital note. *Prescriptions from the pharmacy are NOT acceptable.*

✓ If your absence is for a school related activity, you must turn in an official written excuse WITHIN A WEEK of the event. The notice should contain the department head’s signature and PRINTED participants’ names will be required.

✓ Physical exam for joining the army.

✓ Death of family members.


✓ Conduct yourselves as respectful adults. Be courteous and polite to your peers.

✓ Cell phones may NOT be used for conversations in the classroom.

✓ Please make sure they are set to silent mode.

✓ Cell phones may be used as dictionaries.

✓ If you do not have a valid written excuse for your absence, you will receive a 0 for any missed assignments & exams.

✓ Speak with confidence and with the best clarity as possible.

✓ All students will TRY THEIR BEST to SPEAK in ENGLISH in class.