Extra Programs

Extra programs to help with English-language practise, queries or problems.

English Circle

The English Circle is where you can get personal one-on-one tutoring from an English Language Division professor. Do you need help with homework? The ESL exam? Your resume? Just want English conversation? Make an appointment today!

English Writing Clinic

Need help with your English writing? Book an appointment with our Writing Clinic.

English Cafe

English Cafe Club is the place for fun and relaxing English conversation. In English Cafe Club, you can play games, enjoy activities, participate in debates, or have a topical discussion.

ESL Radio Podcast

“Away With Words” for Suwon ESL Radio is a student driven radio show with professors from the English Language Division, as well as special guest students providing the English voices each week. Each show follows that week’s lesson from the freshman Listening & Speaking book. We show how native speakers really use the language by citing examples, and then by having a fun free flowing conversation!

Exchange Student Program

Student Exchange is a program in which students go to a foreign university to earn academic credits for Suwon University. Click here to find out more information!