Student Exchange Program

Student Exchange Program

1. Student Exchange Program

This program is not studying abroad. It’s a program in which Suwon University students can earn academic units from SU’s sister universities that are in foreign countries. In other words, this program is the same as the program in which SU students go to other universities within Korea to earn academic units. If there is a difference, it’s that the location is a foreign country. Other than the fact that the students go to a foreign country, other conditions are the same as going to a university within Korea.

2. Exchange Student Selection Eligibility

The exchange students are the representatives of the University. Therefore, we are selecting students who can be a good model for our school. The qualifications are as follows:

  • At the time of the application, the student is somewhere between the 2nd semester of his/her first year and the 2nd semester of his/her 3rd year.
  • In the case of an education master’s student, the student must have gotten an approval from the Education Master’s Program.
  • CGPA 3.0 or above
  • Completion of at least 1 semester
  • Someone who can be sent as an exchange student between his/her 2nd semester and the 7th semester.
  • Someone who can complete his/her last semester at SU

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