Suwon University International College

The International College of the University of Suwon brings together students and professors from around the world and from various academic backgrounds. The collegial atmosphere promotes interdisciplinary, ‘hands on’ learning where students are encouraged to explore personal interests while working on real-life problems. Courses are taught in English and Chinese, with academic support in several other languages, including French, Spanish, Italian, and Tagalog. Our mission is to recruit talented students from around the world who have an interest in working and learning in an interdisciplinary and multicultural environment.

Welcome to the University of Suwon International College

Film and Genre Studies
Mass Communication
Creative Marketing
Gender Studies
The Science of Sci-Fi

Online Education Division's Yolanda Matthews and James Whalley

Online Education Division’s Yolanda Matthews and James Whalley


Groundbreaking E-Learning Initiatives at South Korea’s University of Suwon

The University of Suwon International College’s groundbreaking e-learning initiatives are changing the course of how students and faculty engage in the classroom. Offering original content like “Zombie Film Studies,” and Blackboard’s advanced education tools, innovative educators are introducing a new style of learning into a culture rooted in the traditional classroom model. Read the full article at

“If you are a student who wants to be immersed in a dynamic and colorful environment, and are looking for a true intercultural experience, I believe the International College at Suwon University is just the right place for you.”

– Dean Oksoon Kim